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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I request a Demo?
    Call us today for a FREE, no-obligation site analysis and demonstration of our services! Just fill out the form or call us.
  • How does our service work?
    It starts with identifying what you want to secure - On construction sites, it is often tools, heavy machinery, work sheds or building materials that are given high priority. We provide you with an analysis and recommend the right number of surveillance trailers to protect your area. You approve it. We install for free and bill only for monitoring per month. We give you free access to our mobile app, where you can follow the event in real time. With our AI, you can create several alarm zones in the image the camera shows - for example, as a line that triggers an alarm when it is crossed, or an entire zone that gives an alarm when someone moves into it. No commitment period and installation costs.
  • Are you currently hiring?
    We are always looking for amazing people to join our growing team!
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