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The wind generator and solar panels on the trailer produce energy. This energy is then stored in batteries that power surveillance cameras and other security features. In this way, Advanced Industrial Monitoring Norway can operate independently of an external power supply, and offer reliable monitoring around the clock, even in bad weather conditions or at night.

What is a surveillance trailer?

Surveillance trailers are a mobile device that uses solar and wind energy to power surveillance cameras and other security features. It provides flexible and efficient monitoring of areas without the need for an external power supply and network.

In practice, it works like this

Everything starts with identifying what you want to secure - On building sites, it is usually tools, heavy equipment, building materials or work sheds that are given high priority.

With our AI technology, the customer can create several alarm zones in the image that the camera shows - for example, as a line that triggers an alarm when it is crossed, or an entire zone that gives an alarm when someone moves into it.

Our systems are designed to provide early warning in the event of suspicious activity. They immediately send alerts to a 24/7 alarm station, which can connect directly to the camera surveillance to follow the incident in real time and can deal with the incident immediately, instead of just collecting evidence after the incident.

Correct measures are taken based on recorded instructions from the customer, and this can prevent unnecessary and costly delays in the construction works.

With our 360 degree surveillance cameras, it provides complete coverage and security. If there is a need to cover several objects that are not located in the same area, several monitoring units will be required. Our surveillance trailers are designed to provide reliable security regardless of the scale and complexity of your needs.

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